The Power of Listening

More often than not, communicating and listening are seen as two different concepts, when they actually work hand in hand. Listening is a key factor in productive communication and should be viewed that way. In fact, when workplace issues arise, they can be solved...

Scared of False Workplace Allegations? #MeToo

The society we live in is getting more litigious every day. As seen repeatedly, a false accusation can be just as detrimental to someone as a valid one. Once brought forth and invalidated, the accusee has to go through the process of defending themselves, clearing...

Understanding the Peter Principle

Our society is changing by the day, and one of the concepts that are becoming obsolete and has historically lacked appreciation is our need for savants. A term not commonly used, a savant is a way to refer to someone who is a distinguished expert in their craft. More...

HR Algebra

The universal perception of human resources is very simple: “HR people are assholes”. When I first started my career, this was offensive to me. But after nearly a decade researching and working in the industry, I get it. Historically, a company hires an internal HR...

OvertHRowing Employee Polarization

It all starts at the conception of your company’s new position. Often times, business owners create vacancies with certain people in mind. We have all encountered it on the other end when searching for positions—you apply for a job that you’re overqualified for. You...

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